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Tempura Mushroom Soba, June 2016
Mushroom soba topped with bok choy and some leftover tempura.
Strawberry Crepes, June 2016
Yummy crepes with strawberry filling! Wasn't sweet enough, but drizzled in honey made all the difference.
Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake Bars, June 2016
Super heavy but delicious chocolate topped caramel cheesecake bars.
Salmon Rice Bowl, June 2016
Delicious grilled salmon rice bowl with asparagus and sauteed lettuce.
Learnings of Four Years at UC Berkeley, May 2016
My summary of learnings from my four years as a student at UC Berkeley.
Potato Pancakes, May 2016
First attempt at Korean potato pancakes. Unfortunately it's not crispy but it still worked!
Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Cake, April 2016
Made this strawberry ice cream cake with a chocolate ganache for my boyfriend's birthday! Pretty delicious.
Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies, December 2015
What a great way to destress for finals, by baking chocolate marshmallow cookies? Delicious and melty marshmallow-y. Baking the bottoms for 10 minutes (a little under the alloted time) made them perfect.
Custard Tarts, November 2015
For Thanksgiving, I had parents and some family friends come visit me in the Bay. Shared some custard-loving for the sharing holiday!
Banana Walnut Cranberry Loaf, October 2015
A super easy and delicious recipe to satisfy my bread baking craving.
Alaskan Roll, September 2015
Sort of baking. Made Alaskan Rolls from scratch, which is a simple sushi roll consisting of salmon and avocado! Sushi is very high maintenance, but I'm glad it turned out well.
Watermelon Lemonade, August 2015
Sort of baking. Cooling lemonade in Californian summer.
green tea crepe cake
Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake with Orange Pastry Cream, July 2015
My roommate and I were inspired to make this beautiful Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake by ZenCanCook. After four solid hours of flipping, mixing, and icing; we created a cake of 23 matcha crepes that would make even a Frenchman proud.
Tiffany makes marshmallow rocky road bark
Rocky Road Bark, June 2015
Followed this delicious recipe for Rocky Road Bark! Super easy to make, just melted down chocolate and added walnuts and marshmallows. It hardens on its own when chilled.
what do you do for fun tiffany qi
"What Do You Do For Fun?", March 2015
In March, I was struck with certain inspiration as I was asked the question multiple times: "What Do You Do For Fun?" I decided to answer honestly.
pecan bar
Pecan Bar, March 2015
Definitely one of my favorite things to make: Eggless Pecan Bars as told by Eggless Cooking. The absolute best; but there's a ton of honey involved.
Why Are You Here? Tiffany Qi
"Why Are You Here?", December 2014
After my successes with Advice From a Haas Major, I discovered I wanted to write more than just about Haas. I really liked Medium's interface, so I decided to use it for my personal blog. "Why Are You Here?" was my first crack at personal writing for public eyes.
Motivation, August 2013
Ailee is one of my favorite singers, and so I wanted to draw her in Photoshop. This one of my first works in graphic art, and I still rather like it.
Sungjong, August 2013
I'm still proud to say that I'm a lover of KPop, so I tried drawing Sungjong from Infinite, one of my favorite groups. One of these days I'll draw the whole group.
Wheesung, January 2012
Back in the days I drew in pencil. One of my favorite singers, Wheesung.