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Adventure college before you go.

What's This About?

Choosing the perfect college is challenging. For a high school student, objective factors such as finances, college size, major programs, and class sizes are not enough. Subjective factors such as community, actual class workload, and other such criteria must also be considered. CollegeStay solves this problem by providing a host program for an incoming freshmen, and giving students a chance to shadow and live a real college life.

How Can We Help?


Choose and connect with current college students about their experiences. Build real relationships with mentors and their campuses.


Attend classes with your mentor. Explore all the special nooks and crannies of campus. Discover what your mentor does with his/her time; party, study, and work.


You have the chance to connect with multiple mentors, who will provide multiple experiences across multiple campuses. This is the best way to compare campuses firsthand to determine which is the best fit for you.

Why Us?

Real advice and experiences, without the fluff in between.
Build real mentorships that last a lifetime.
More than just objective facts and figures.

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Are you a high school student, interested in searching for your best fit university in the most authentic way?

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