My Projects

Calendar Analytics, Jun '16 - Present
In progress Django application I joined to allow every heavy calendar user to analyze their productivity.
Debate Society of Berkeley, Feb '16 - Apr '16
Ruby on Rails application that allows the Debate team to edit their home page without code, discuss topics on a forum, and sign up for mock debates.
My Productivity Analysis, December 2015
A display and analysis of my productivity throughout my years at UC Berkeley, includes time spent and grades earned. Received 30,000 views and over 2000 likes on social media in the first five days upon release.
CSM Scheduler, Aug'15-Jan'16
Ruby on Rails application that scheduled 300+ students into group tutoring sections for introductory computer science classes. Built with Ruby On Rails. Acting as product owner, suggesting new requirements, and made sure application was going smoothly, met first launch deadline, and test for errors.
Karate Kit, December 2015
Final project for User Interface Design, another Android mobile and smartwatch application written in Java and XML. This utilizes the smartwatch sensor technology by allowing users to view their punches graphically and quantitatively to improve their Karate skills. Check out the Karate Kit code or a Karate Kit trailer.
calenTools, November 2015
Side project whose current functionality allows users to run many tools on their list of calendars on Google Calendar from the command line. Soon, will create a web application that will allow anyone to integrate their Google calendars, and run multiple functions on the site. Currently written in Java and uses Gradle, but planning to redo it in Flask and put v2 accessible.
CollegeStay, November 2015
Marketing collateral / website for my Product Management class. The goal is to allow high school students choose their prospective colleges better by showing them more authentic information via hosting program.
YourFault, October 2015
An Android mobile and smartwatch application written in Java and XML, which allows users to interact with earthquakes as they happen around the world. My first real stab at Android.
Convene, October 2015
A hackathon project, which will allow users to set up more quickly and simply through Google Calendar and iCal integration. This was how the idea is conceived, but it will be fully functional later on!
Computer Science Mentors Berkeley Web Design
Computer Science Mentors Website, February 2015
Tried my hand at CSM's website, version 1.
Marketing Community at Berkeley Remake
Marketing Community at Berkeley Website, January 2015
Soon after I made my first website, I decided to redo MComm's as well! This one was designed to be single page.
Perfect Fifth Remake
Perfect Fifth Website, December 2014
Right after I learned web design, I decided to try my hand at the real thing by remaking Perfect Fifth's website! It was fun, so I kept going.
Advice From a Haas Major, June 2014-May 2016
As a Business major at UC Berkeley, applying without much information to go by can be difficult. I made a blog that helps with that. Has been viewed over 30k times since May 2016.